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conceptual clothing & decorative Velcro patches

Setting of new fashion style

You will be thrilled!

Become a part of worldwide creative community

Mi Designs is an Online Marketplace for Fashion and Art Creators

make fashion more flexible and adjustable

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Sell your creations in a new mindblowing manner

Mi Designs is an Online Marketplace for Fashion and Art Creators

flexible fashion marketplace

We are here to disrupt the industry of ART & FASHION with an entirely NEW TREND!

interchangeable wearable art

Project Overview

Presenting a new brand together with a multi-vendor marketplace for talented artists and designers.


our philosophy

Play with fashion!

We believe that one piece of garment should have more than one look! Each item should have the ability to be worn in various manners for different cases. 

Any kind of Special decorations, that make our clothes or bags so special and unique – now can be worn on other pieces too!

The goal of our Marketplace is to be Decentralized, running on a Blockchain, but for now all our items can already be purchased in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

Patch Mi
Wear Mi
Adjust Mi
Collect Mi
..........................................................................Re-decorate Mi !

Grey Top & Skirt combo

Grey Top

Grey Skirt

Grey T-Shirt with black dots

Grey T-Shirt with black dots & patches

Next arrivals

Are you a:

Fashion Designer or Atelier


Do you Create clothing and accessories, such as bags, hats, scarves, etc.?

Then why don’t you apply a Velcro shape of your choice onto your garment, as a decoration placement spot?

You will see how the look of your bag/dress/jacket design would change endless times, decorated differently by everyone wearing it!

Creator or Artist of any kind


Do you paint in Digital or on Paper? Are you a sculptor or a jewellery artist?

Just apply your talent on a Velcro shape of your choice, and it will be matched with endless garments and accessories on the Marketplace!

You will watch people wearing your Art on their clothes/bags/coats!

Brand of Clothing or Accessories


If you are an Established Brand of  clothing or accessories, do you want to contribute to creating a new hot trend?

Join this rapidly growing creative movement and make an impact while growing your recognition!

You will discover new unexpected looks of your designs, that will become a “puzzle game” for clients and stylists!

Person or Business interested in Mi


Anyone else interested in collaboration, please Get in touch!

Let’s create new trends together!

You will realize that “Anything is Possible” – is the new “Fashion Reality” in the world of Velcro Patches at Mi Designs Marketplace!

you want to be a part of this

Fabrics & Leather

Clothing & Accessories

Are you a fashion designer or a brand? Are you experienced in making clothes or accessories?

any other materials

Velcro Patches

Do you love fine art and you are good at it? Are you mastering any special hand-made techniques? 

Shape 1.


13 x 13 cm

shape 2.


3 cm wide

shape 3.


D = 13 cm

shape 4.

Small circles

D = 3 cm

we looooove

Buttons & Zippers

complement the concept of Interchangeability!

"A new concept of wearable art"

"How to apply un-wearable materials into our daily fashion, keeping it affordable? How to keep changing the look of the same garment easily and having endless possibilities? - The Mi-Designs Marketplace is a new solution! We connect fashion and fine-art through a new concept - "Velcro Patches" - adjustable and interchangeable accessories for clothing that use a simple hook&loop!"


Margaryta Ievdokymova


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Explore our special offers!

Soon we will start offering special discounts to our most loyal clients, including complete ready-to-wear “uniquely-accessorized” looks for special prices!

on our Multi-Vendor Marketplace of
conceptual clothing & decorative Velcro patches

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