Mi Designs

on our Multi-Vendor Marketplace of
conceptual clothing & decorative Velcro patches

Setting of new fashion style

You will be thrilled!

Become a part of worldwide creative community

Mi Designs is an Online Marketplace for Fashion and Art Creators

make fashion more flexible and adjustable

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Sell your creations in a new mindblowing manner

Mi Designs is an Online Marketplace for Fashion and Art Creators

a completely innovative concept of wearable art on a Multi-vendor Fashion Marketplace!​

How to apply un-wearable materials into our daily fashion, keeping it affordable and easy to use? How to keep changing the look of the same garment having endless possibilities? - The Mi-Designs Marketplace is a new solution!

We merge talented fine-artists, and fashion designers into a world of endless styling possibilities!

We turn the unwearable into wearable,

and make the impossible - possible!

We Connect
We Create
We Sell...

We are the Mi Designs - creating a new Fashion trend -

the one Beyond flexible!

... the NEW concept in Fashion?

new trend?

Fashion trends repeat on average 20-30 years, and now even less!

where are the fresh fashion inventions?

... high tech?

... sustainable?



...sometimes it feels like everything has been invented already...

where is the innovation

In 1941, Swiss engineer and inventor George de Mestral was intrigued by the burdock burrs that kept sticking to his dog’s fur as they passed by the unique plants, hiking in the woods... this is how Hook&Loop was invented!

old story, like this Velcro suit!

now Velcro is used nearly everywhere...

and people continue inventing with it...

some brands have already used it to "Patch" their replaceable designs...

...but what's the point?

no big deal...

in a fashion world - this is a yet undiscovered trend!
Unapproached field/ way/ idea/ concept...

...so how do we approach it?

The Mi Designs - is the multi-vendor marketplace based on

Hook & Loop Patches

--- decorative pieces on the Hook base attach and detach from the Loop base on cloth

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well... not only decorative, also functional 😉

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--- is there a more obvious way to make the unwearable materials - wearable?

--- is there a more easy "TRICK" to make people buy more than they need?


The goal of this Marketplace is to become a DApp, running on Blockchain, with Authenticity tracking and Provenance through the usage of NFC (near field communication) chips or holographic stickers.

how does it work?

We are a Membership-based Multi-vendor Marketplace of FLEXIBLE FASHION built upon the idea of "Velcro" Patches!

who are the vendors/members?

Fashion Designers or Ateliers

Do you Create clothing and accessories, such as bags, hats, scarves, etc.?

Then why don’t you apply a Velcro shape of your choice onto your garment, as a decoration placement spot?

You will see how the look of your bag/dress/jacket would change endless times, decorated differently by everyone wearing it!

Creators or Artists of any kind

Do you paint in Digital or on Paper? Are you a sculptor or a jewellery artist?

Just apply your talent on a Velcro shape of your choice, and it will be matched with endless garments and accessories on the Marketplace!

You will watch people wearing your Art on their clothes/bags/coats!

Brands of Clothing or Accessories

Do you want to diversify your products or create a stunning mini-collection?

Join this rapidly growing creative movement and make a Trendy impact while growing your recognition!

You will discover new unexpected looks of your designs, that will become a “puzzle game” for clients and stylists!

People or Businesses interested in Mi

Anyone else interested in collaboration, please Get in touch!

Let’s create new trends together!

You will realize that “Anything is Possible” – is the new “Fashion Reality” in the world of Velcro Patches at Mi Designs Marketplace!

who are the buyers?

Those women and men, girls and boys, who love to Play, to Experiment, to Collect...

Those, who are bold enough to be different and stand out!

Those, who are creative enough to comprehend an Endless amount of styling choices!

Generally - anyone with a style!

want to be a part of this

respect the shape!

Shape 1.


11 x 11 cm

shape 2.


3 cm wide

shape 3.


D = 13 cm

shape 4.

Small circles

D = 3 cm

choose the work material!

Fabrics & Leather

Clothing & Accessories

Are you a fashion designer or a brand? Are you experienced in making clothes or accessories?

any other materials

Velcro Patches

Do you love fine art and you are good at it? Are you mastering any special hand-made techniques? 


ps: we looooove

Buttons & Zippers

Feel free to complement the concept of Interchangeability!

choose your membership plan!

Membership Plans

--- Are you more into...





apply your art on it





apply it on your designs





create patches and clothes

receive your "ready-to-create" pack of Velcro Patches every month

We Connect, We Create, We Sell Fashion Trends that are Beyound Flexible!

...You Wear Mi, Collect Mi, Play with Mi, Enjoy Mi!

Hook & Loop Patches become a GAME




our philosophy

Play with fashion!

We believe that one piece of garment should have more than one look! Each item should have the ability to be worn in various manners for different cases. 

Any kind of Special decorations, that make our clothes or bags so special and unique – now can be worn on other pieces too!

..........................................................................Experiment with Mi !


The goal is to create a Decentralized App, that runs on Blockchain, and uses NFC chips or stickers to track the authenticity of the product while recording the history of its life.

To create one perfect “Velcro Patch” product for all of our vendors to use, we need to partner with Velcro Brand and a Product Authentication Service.

To bring an endless choice of product combinations for our users, we need to create easy to use UI, and bring in some big names from Fashion and Art world.

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themidesigns-topProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

we satisfy everybody's needs!

isn't it what they want, our vendors - to be sold out!?
To see when beautiful art is worn on their designer clothes?
to make people buy a lot more than they need..? 😉

Isn't it what buyers want - to play with fashion?
to change the look of their favorite cloth by decorating it differently?
Or wear a patch from their favorite artist on a shirt, and a hat, and a bag...

where are we now?

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special offers

Endless ideas and possibilities include:

  • Exclusive Collaborations with Artists, Brands and Designers
  • complete ready-to-wear “uniquely-accessorized” looks for special prices
  • Velcro Books for Patch Collections
  • Free Belts, Chockers, T-Shirts

the Mi Designs -

Flexible Fashion Marketplace -

on our Multi-Vendor Marketplace of
conceptual clothing & decorative Velcro patches

...who is Me?

Who . ?

Margaryta ievdokymova

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, now living in Barcelona for 8 years.

My life passions and work occupations are mainly in design, art, marketing, business, fashion, web design, digital creative content, Blockchain tech, and a bit of AR.

In the past 3 years, I’ve been freelancing, designing websites, creating all sorts of marketing content, managing Social Media, attending Crypto-related conferences, been networking, researching, and learning a lot, so now – I’m ready to rock!

I am looking for a Co-founder and a dedicated team to make this dream of mine come true!


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